What is a Functional Resume – Format and Examples of Functional Resume

The functional is the kind of resume which prioritizes in the skills section of your resume. It is for those who have work gaps or want to change the field in which they are already involved. The functional resume is also the best for the ones who are looking for a job which is not related to their past work experience. In short, it is the best kind of resume for the ones who have a lack of experience and have work gaps. This will focus on the skills and ability section of your resume.

Functional Resume Format

If you are thinking of how to write a functional resume then you don’t need to worry. It’s very easy to create a well-organized resume format with or without someone’s help. You have to keep all the steps in mind before making it. Below are the steps to format a functional resume.

  • You have to write your name, address, and contact information as like all other resume types.
  • After this, you have to create a summary section. Highlight your skills and abilities by writing a short paragraph in this section.
  • After completing the summary section, now you have to move forward. Create a well-designed skill and accomplishment section. Describe all the professional skills and achievements of yours in this section.
  • Now you can highlight your education and qualification by creating a different section for it.
  • You can also mention all the certificates and honors(if you have) by making a separate section for it.
  • At last, you have to create a section describing your work experience. You can now easily cover-up your lack of experience and work gaps.

Functional Resume Example

The functional resume sample can help you a lot in creating a high profile resume for you. You can now customize your own resume by downloading functional resume sample pdf/doc. Here we have functional resume example 2018, 2019, and for 2020 as well. Organize your resume in a well-designed manner and make it look attractive. Your eye-catching resume will have a great positive impact over your profile and the thoughts of the employer. Here is an example of a functional resume which you can download in pdf and doc for free. Why do you need a paid functional resume builder when you are getting everything for free? Download and make your career path brighter.

Functional Resume Example

functional resume

functional resume format

Traditional Resume

Relating the traditional resume format with the other resume formats is obviously right as the traditional resume is similar to all the others. There are some add ons in the traditional resume such as: attaching the documents, providing detailed information of everything, mentioning the address of the workplace you’ve worked in the past, etc. You can use these functional resume templates as a traditional resume template. There is no such big difference between them. The functional resume is one of the most popular resume formats.

But, there is a difference between the traditional resume and web resume. A web resume is the one that you can use directly from the web. For instance; some of the organizations ask for your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have any resume. The LinkedIn profile works as a web resume for you. You don’t need any web resume template as it directly receives all the necessary information you’ve given in your profile. If you want to know about other different types of resume then you can check the link below. Writing a functional resume becomes very easy if you check out these resume types.

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