What is Chronological Resume – Meaning and Format of Chronological Resume

The chronological order resume is the one which we all encounter in our real life. It means if you are looking for a job on the basis of your achievements and work experience then it is the most suitable type of resume for you. In other words, the chronological resume is used when someone wants to prioritize his/her work history and key achievements before anything else.

The chronological resume is for the ones who:

  • Have a strong work history
  • Have some high work experience
  • Have some achievements to highlight

Don’t use the chronological resume if:

  • You have a lack of work experience
  • Have some work gaps because it will expose your work gaps

Chronological Resume Format

The chronological resumes are the best among all other types because it is the common format which we all need for creating an effective resume. It focuses on your work experience and represents your profile as a professional one. The format of the chronological resume is very easy and eye-catching. You have to include a few sections to describe yourself professionally. Below is a sample format of a well-organized chronological resume.

Chronological Resume Format

Following are the few sections which you have to include in your resume.

SUMMARY:- Adding a short summary that describes you and your work will make your resume look attractive.

EXPERIENCE:- Work experience is the priority in the chronological resume. So, if you want to grab the attention of the employer then you have to describe your work history in brief.

EDUCATION:- Education section of the resume highlights the standard of your qualifications. Showing how educated you are will make your resume extraordinary.

SKILLS:- Add all your skills, achievements, certificates, and honors to show the employer that how willing you are to your work and career.

CAREER OBJECTIVE:- Add the objective of your career and tell the employer of your aims and ambitions. You have to mention your name, address, and contact details on your resume because you have to provide all your necessary credentials.

This all is what you need to know before writing a chronological resume.

Chronological Resume Example

For a high profile job, you need a professional chronological resume. Below is a chronological resume sample, you can take the help of this to create your own resume.

Chronological Resume Example

Reverse Chronological Resume

There is no big difference between the chronological resume and the reverse chronological resume. You can say that the reverse chronological order resume is a part of the chronological resume. You can check the reverse chronological resume template down below to spot the minor difference. In reverse chronological resume, recent workplace and position is mentioned at the top of the work experience section.

It means that you have to mention your last work on the top of the work experience section. The work experience section starts with the most recent work and then going backward/descending. This is the one and the only minor difference between the chronological and reverse chronological resume format. Below is a sample image for your clarification.

Reverse Chronological Resume

The chronological resume and the reverse chronological resume can be the same if you want them to be. You can say that there is no such difference between both of them because you can add the last work at the top in your chronological resume as well. Chronological is a type of resume and reverse chronological is an order of chronological resume.