Retirement Resignation Letter Format, Example, and Template

After working for a long time with an organization, retirement is a phase that almost every employee encounter in their life. It shows their loyalty and discipline if they are writing an early retirement resignation letter. The organization can process the formalities of retirement on their behalf. It is very beneficial for you if you are writing a retirement resignation letter. So, if you are writing a resignation letter due to retirement then you have to write it in a systematic and well-structured way. The sample below will help you in writing your own professional retirement letter.

Sample Retirement Resignation Letter:

Retirement is a golden moment and you should enjoy it if you are encountering it. Write a resignation letter in advance and do not waste your time in paperwork on the day of retirement. It varies from person to person that what you have to include in the letter. It depends on the organization you are working with, your relations with employees and employers, and many other such factors. So, to make your work a lot easier, we are here with the retirement resignation letter to employer sample that will help you in writing your own letter in your own way.

sample retirement resignation letter

While planning for retirement, it is good if you are informing the company you are working with, in advance about your future plans i.e about your retirement. This will make things easy for both the company and the employees. The organization, in advance, can prepare all the paperwork and rewards that you will be rewarded with. They can plan some sort of celebration if you have good connections with the people of your organization. It all depends on the circumstances.

The human resources department has to maintain a record of the time period an employee worked for the organization. It is your duty to inform then a month ago if you are planning retirement soon. It also shows your good behavior towards the organization. So, there are many ways of submitting the resignation letter but sending the letter by email is one of the best amongst them. If you are worried about how you can format your own letter professionally then you don’t have to. Here we are with the format of resignation letter for retirement. So, build a strong associate and write a resignation letter by having a look over the format below.

Formating the letter is easy if you are following the right procedure. Below are a few points that will guide you through the complete format of the retirement resignation letter.

  • You have to start your letter with some basic information such as your name, address, email, and date of writing the letter.
  • After this, you have to mention the name of the manager whom you are writing along with the address of the office.
  • Then you have to mention the subject and the salutation after the subject.
  • Now move further with the body section. In this, you have to write your complete journey, and date of retirement.
  • At last, you have to thank the manager for reading your letter, add a closing salutation, your signature, your name, and your designation in the organization.