How to Start a Business Letter in a Effective Way

If you are in the corporate world, then you may be aware of the importance of writing a business letter. The purpose of writing a business letter could be anything,  such as arranging meetings, making deals, conveying messages, for marketing, for communicating, and it could be anything depending on the organization that is writing it. The purpose and the format of writing the letter is another thing because at first, you have to focus on the starting of the letter as we all know that the first impression is the last, and while beginning a business letter, you have to keep this thing in you mind. The starting of your letter will have a significant impact on the reader, and it will also increase the chances of a positive response. What is the best way to start these kinds of letters?

A salutation and greetings is the most crucial thing to remember while drafting one for yourself. You can’t copy and paste salutation from any other letter or from the ones you know. You have to use an appropriate salutation, and it depends on the person or the organization to whom you are writing it. Below are some guidelines that will help you in clarifying the circumstances under which you have to use the following salutations and how to start the same letter in an eye-catching way.

how to start a letter to a company



ST Road, PT 90001

(123) 009 0909


April 15, 2021



ABC Communication,

32, NYC Street, New York,


Subject: Response to your problems and confusions

If you have a connection with the person or if you know him/her very well:

Dear Kevin,

Hi Billie,


If you don’t know the person but have the first:

Dear Mr. Kevin,

Dear Ms. Billie


If you don’t have a name:

Dear Manager

Dear Director

Dear QRT PVT. LTD. (name of the organization)

To whom it may concern

In response to your problems, here we are with some solutions that will help you……………………………..

How to Create a Business Letter:

You have to keep a few things in mind, and you have to make a few efforts for the perfect start. These includes:

  • If you don’t have one, then try to find out the name of the person to whom you are planning to send the letter.
  • Avoid all the informal salutations and greetings because these will make your letter look unprofessional. Greetings such as ‘Hey there’ ‘Hi.’
  • Use an easily understandable tone to increase the interest of the reader.
  • Use an attractive and catchy line to start the first paragraph of the letter. For instance, If you want your new product to be featured by a big E-commerce company, then you have to start the letter by writing a line that can make an effect on the reader, such as ‘You will be glad to know that we brought the new product that is the cause of the trend in market and we want you to feature this for us to give value to our customers.’
  • The subject line will help you a lot in increasing the engagement of the reader. So, write it wisely.
  • Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes, and do check your letter once again before sending it.