Format and Examples of Recommendation Letter for University

A letter of recommendation for the university is a document that contains academic history, career goals, and performance of the candidate/student. These are written by teachers, professors, school counselors, activity organizers, sometimes by employers, and anyone who has the record of a student’s abilities and activities. There are different types of this letter, such as a letter of recommendation for masters degree, for PHD, to study abroad, and for scholarships. We have some samples that are based on the requirement of a student to get admission in the desired university or college. Download and customize these for free if you are looking forward to addressing one of these for a student.

Reference Letter for University:

What is more grateful than recommending the students that you care about in the colleges or universities of their dream. It is a proud moment for the teachers itself to write a letter recommending their dear students to any specific university that they are looking for. If you are writing one for your students, then you have to be serious about the format and the information that you have to include in this letter because this letter will play an essential role in deciding the future of the student. A letter with an incorrect format or without any organized structure will sound unprofessional that can cause the student with his/her student. So, take a look over some samples below, and these will help you in formatting an effective letter for your students.

letter of recommendation for masters program

letter of recommendation from professor for masters degree

recommendation letter for master degree

recommendation letter from employer to university

There are some things that you have to focus on while writing the following letter.

  • Asking the student about the name of the particular college, university, course that they are applying for, and the department of the course will help you in writing a relevant letter fulfilling the needs of the university.
  • You have to make the reader feel that the recommended student is the perfect fit for the given opportunity by focusing on the skills and extraordinary achievements of the student.
  • Mention the period for how long you’ve known each other and how was the behavior of the student during that period.
  • If you want to make a decent impact, then you can include your contact information and qualifications in the letter.
  • As there are a lot of things to mention and if you are going to say them all, then you are unnecessarily expanding the length of the letter. Mention the activities and history of the student that are relevant to the department that he/she is applying for.
  • Along with the personality and behavior of the student, you also have to focus on the academic strengths of the student as much as needed.
  • If you can, then try to describe the skills of the student by giving relevant examples to prove that everything you described is entirely correct.
  • You don’t have to place more emphasis on any particular thing because both the personality trait and th academic abilities are crucial.
  • Along with this, mention all the positive things that you know about the student that can set him/her apart from all other applicants.