How to Start an Email in a Professional and Effective Way

Writing an email is not a challenging task, but its starting is the thing that you have to care for. Yes, you heard it right, and it is because if you are professionally starting the email, then the chances of engaging the reader with it will increase a lot. The main motive of writing an email is to convey a message to another person, and if the starting of the email is not worth it, then do you think the readers will actually read it? The answer is no because they deeply dig the things that lie under their interest, and it is apparent that you are unaware of their likes and dislikes. So, you have to start the email that can quickly gain their attention, and that will also increase the engagement of the readers with it.

The starting of the email depends on the individual or organization to whom it is concerning. Under different circumstances, various salutations and greetings are used depending on the purpose of the email. The receiver of the email can be anyone from your boss to the company, teacher, professor, any official, to a business group, to the employer for a job, to a stranger, to the American English department, hospitals, schools, and to any concerning individual or company. Make sure to whom you are sending the email, and it will be beneficial for you if you have the name of the person.

How to Begin an Email:

You have to consider the requirements of your email, such as how formal you need it to be, do you have the name the person, do you have to follow the lead of the person, which is the appropriate greeting that you have to use, what you have to use when you don’t have a name, what to skip in which situation, and how to write the opening line. After this, start writing your email by following the instructions below.

how to start a professional email

If you are writing a formal email to any professional and official then you have to use one of these greetings or similar to these:

  • Dear Mr.
  • Dear Ms.
  • How are you doing Nowadays
  • We hope you are having a great time
  • We feel honorable to hear from you
  • I am waiting eagerly for your comments
  • Thanks for the help and getting in touch with us
  • I am grateful to introduce myself in front of you

If you are writing a follow-up email then you have to start your email like this:

  • As we discussed earlier
  • Follow up for your questions
  • Here we are with the solution to the problem that was reviewed by you with one of our agents
  • Getting back to you regarding

If you have a good connection with the recipient, then you can go a little bit personal such as:

  • How are things going
  • Did your last campaign worked out
  • Hello from the other side
  • Hey, it’s me
  • Here to inform you about
  • Feeling extremely happy to get in touch with you
  • Congratulations for the work

While writing an opening line for the email, you have to remember a few things:

  • Is it helping you in describing the objective of the email
  • Is it eye-catching that can quickly grab the attention of the reader
  • Relevant to the purpose of the email

So, this is how you can start attractively writing your own email.