Free Professional Welcome Email Template, Format, and Examples

The first impression is the last. We all heard this statement, and it matters a lot when it comes to welcome emails. An organization sends a series of these emails to new clients, customers, new employees, and to many other people who are engaged recently with the organization itself. According to a survey, a total of 82% of companies don’t send welcome messages/mails. You don’t have to repeat the same mistake, instead, prepare a professional email and send it to all newly joined clients, and who are in the list of your newsletter. So, welcome the new ones and welcome back the ones who rejoined your organization. You don’t need to design templates in HTML anymore. We have the collection of some selected templates that you can download for free.

Welcome Email Sample:

You do not need to worry about a single thing as long as we are here for you with some professional welcome newsletter templates that are fully customizable and you can download these in DOC and PDF according to your relevancy.

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Email marketing is really effective and if you are writing a welcome email for marketing then you have to know the format, what are the essential things that need to be included in it, and many other things that you should be aware of.

  • You have to deliver value to the subscribers and you have to set an expectation so that they can expect something from you. Doing this will increase their interest in you and if somehow you are managing to bring them again and again from the emails then you might consider that your campaign is successful. For this, you have to prepare a welcome series for them and the outlook of your emails should be attractive. So, download one for yourself from above.
  • With a welcome message, send a hint of what is coming next to their inbox. This will leave suspense and will also make them excited for the next email.
  • Tell them about who you really are, what are your specialties, why are you special & unique, and why should they follow you.
  • If they found you in their junk or spam then leave a line asking them to remove you from these at the last of the email.
  • Be straightforward about why are you writing the particular email to them.
  • You have to start the email with a catchy line to engage the reader with it.
  • Add a subject line that can describe the purpose of the following email.
  • Ask for the feedback of the subscribers and ask them to follow you on social media.
  • Give your subscribers a little gift or surprise if possible.
  • If you are writing it to a newly joined employee then explain what will they explore in the future with your organization. Tell them that their future is bright and secure as long as they are with you.
  • Include an unsubscribe button in the email and ask to refer a friend along with this. This is to make them feel that you are genuinely true to your commitments.