Format and Samples of Letter of Intent for Promotion

What is a letter of intent for promotion, and what is a job promotion letter? If you are confused, then you should know the minor difference between the job promotion letter and the letter of intent for a job promotion. The organization itself prepares the job promotion letter for the employees who are qualified for the promotion whether the letter of intent for promotion is made by the employee asking for a promotion in their job.

If you are planning to kick up your career and want to raise it, then this letter is for you. All you need to do is to prepare a well-designed eye-catching letter of intent and send it to your employer for your increment. Designing the pattern of this letter is not so severe. We will move forward towards the format of this letter but before this, let’s have a look over some intent job promotion letter samples that you can download in PDF and DOC.

Sample Letter of intent for Promotion:

If you think you need a hand for preparing your own intent letter for promotion, then you actually don’t need it, and you don’t even have to spend a penny to someone for its preparation. All you have to do is to customize it by yourself with the help of these samples below.

sample letter of intent for promotion

sample letter of intent for promotion within company

letter of intent for job promotion

It’s good that you want to raise yourself and your career, but you have to clarify what is the position that you are looking for and why do you want it. So, below is the format of intent letter for promotion, what to include in it, and what to avoid while designing it.

How to Write Letter of Intent for Promotion:

There are a few important things, and you have to keep them in mind while you are writing your LOI for promotion.

  • You are applying for an increment for the organization which you are working with then you need to explain the position that you are asking for.
  • You don’t have to mention your work history because the organization is already aware of your work experience and qualifications. You can add information regarding your recent education achievements that can help you in getting a raise on behalf of your skills.
  • You have to tell the employer that the why you consider yourself as the perfect candidate for the promotion and what is unique about you.
  • The employers need a reason that why should they promote you and what makes you different than the others. So, you have to prove yourself efficient and capable for the following position.
  • As you are asking to move forward so you have to tell the employers how much responsibilities can you bear and what are your future goals & targets.
  • If you have any reason then justify what changes are required for the betterment of the organization and how can you help them with that.
  • You have to mention all your extraordinary and most recent achievements that make you unique.
  • Use a formal & comfortable tone.
  • Be straightforward and try not to confuse them by adding unnecessary information.
  • Re-read your letter and avoid errors & mistakes.