Lease Termination Letter Samples, Format, and Templates

The lease termination letter is written by the landlord or the tenant to one another for the cancellation of the rental contract that they have between themselves. There could be any reason that can lead to the end of the rental agreement, but you have to mention the causes of the terminating the lease contract. So, if you are looking for the format of breaking lease letter then you must be aware that the format of these kinds of letters depends on the purpose and reason for termination. For instance, the format for the end of the tenancy letter is different for the landlord and as well as for the tenant. Below are some sample letter of termination of tenancy agreement by tenant and landlord.

Sample Lease Termination Letter:

The termination letter must consist of a few primary things such as the name of the landlord, name of the tenant, starting date of the agreement, ending date of the agreement, the date on which the tenant will leave the property or the date when the landlord wants the tenant to move out from premises being rented, and the reason for which the breach is taking place. Here are some samples that are already designed according to some of the significant purposes; you can download these and can replace credentials inside with your own.

sample letter from landlord to tenant notice to vacate

early lease termination letter

termination of rental agreement letter by tenant

end of lease letter

Above are some samples of end of lease letter that you can download in DOC and PDF. Using an early lease termination letter is very necessary. If either the landlord or the tenant is ending the agreement without advanced notice, then the court may not sympathize with them when legal action is taken. The consequences may be adverse, so it is recommended to draft and send a tenancy termination letter.

There are different kinds of notices with a different time period to make any of the party aware of the intentions of the other party such as commercial notice, formal notice, 30 day notice to vacate, 30 day notice letter to landlord/tenant, 60 day notice to vacate/landlord/tenant. You have to make sure what your type is and how to choose a relevant template if you want to design the letter by yourself.

There are a few circumstances in which the contract can be ended, and there are some in which the deal can’t be terminated. There must be violence in the clauses of the agreement to finish it, and if you are ending it for no reason, then you have to send a formal letter to ask for the cancellation of the following agreement. When it is a month to month lease termination letter, then it depends on the will of both the parties involved. We are not here to stretch the things and to make them complicated, but we are here to provide you some of the best and professional samples of the lease cancellation letter. If you want to know about the clauses and reasons in which you have the authority or don’t have the power to end the agreement, then you can check it in the agreement. Don’t be confused; everything is mentioned in the contract.