Eye-Catching Offer Letter Templates, Format, and Samples

The offer letter is a letter that is prepared and sent by one individual or organization to another offering something. There are different types of these letters, but mostly, these are used for offering employment by a company to the individual who applied for the organization itself. Rejecting or accepting the offer are different aspects of these letters, and some people consider these as a type of offer letter. For instance, if an individual received a letter offering a job, but the candidate decided to decline the offer due to any reason, then he/she can write a rejection letter describing the causes.

These letters are an excellent opportunity for the ones who are planning to make a counteroffer in response. This means if a candidate is not satisfied with the salary, then he/she can make a counteroffer to negotiate regarding the concerning matter. It is effortless to format a letter of an offer if you follow the correct instructions. You can download some of these samples in word, DOC, and PDF to customize according to your needs.

Offer Letter Sample:

The reason for writing the letter can be anything such as offer letter for internship, for a job, from employer to employees, for real estate, for purchasing, for selling, and it could be anything. The format for drafting one of these is as like as all the others. You have to keep the required things in mind while writing it. Before this all, let’s have a look over some examples below. These are downloadable and editable templates that will give you an outlook of how a professional offer letter looks like. What are you looking for? Grab any of these and start writing one of your won.

job offer letter

offer letter sample

offer acceptance letter

offer letter template

job offer acceptance letter

employment offer letter

job offer letter sample

Below are a few things that you have to make sure while drafting your own letter.

  • As like all other letters, this letter includes the name, address, and contact information of the sender on the one hand, and as well as of the receiver on the other side.
  • You have to add a catchy subject line describing the purpose of the letter in clear words.
  • Mentioning the date of writing the letter is very to avoid confusions in future.
  • Using a formal tone is mandatory because you are offering something and a lousy sound might cause in rejection of your letter.
  • If you are writing a letter offering for a job, then you have to add the job title, description, facilities provided to the employee, salary, and all the terms & conditions of the organization itself.
  • Mention a time period in which the recipient has to respond.
  • This is a lengthy letter as compared to others, so you have to add value to it, and you have to engage the receiver with it.
  • You have to provide your enough contact information so that the recipient can quickly contact you back. If you want a live demonstration of the format of this letter, then download one from above.

So, these were some of the best tips and guidelines that will help you a lot in drafting your own attractive letter.