Letter of Intent for Scholarship – Templates, Format, and Samples

The LOI for the scholarship is a document that describes your personal purpose i.e asking for a scholarship. This is a formal letter and you have to fulfill many formalities and policies while writing this letter. You have to state the purpose, what is the reason for writing the letter, and what makes you eligible for the given opportunity. In short, you have to give the proper reason why should they select you and what makes you different than others. Below are some samples that will help you and guide you through the procedure of designing a professional letter of intent.

Example of Letter of Intent for Scholarship:

The scholarship letter of intent is a powerful document that will help you in convincing the organization, university, and any committee to whom you are addressing your letter. If you want to move your career forward and need a scholarship for it then all you need to do is to write and send a letter of intent for the scholarship. Preparing this letter is not difficult if you follow the right process. These examples below will give you an overview of how to write LOI for the scholarship. You can download these in DOC and PDF as well.

letter of intent sample for scholarship

example of letter of intent for scholarship

These samples above will help you in writing a letter of intent for government scholarship, private scholarship, and any other kind of scholarship that you are looking for. Now, let’s move towards the format of this letter and how to write it in the best way possible. As there isn’t any fixed format for writing this letter because every organization has different policies and formalities to fulfill. The samples above will give you an outlook for writing the letter in different circumstances. Now, these are very important things that you should keep in mind while writing the LOI for the scholarship.

  • First of all, read all the policies and guidelines of the organization or university that you are applying for and make sure if you are fulfilling all the requirements.
  • Add each and every information that describes you completely and be straightforward with your words.
  • You have to convince the reader and try to grab the attention of the reader by using a catchy template.
  • Don’t expand the length of the letter by adding unnecessary information because it will cause you a rejection if the reader finds your profile boring.
  • Relate yourself as the most suitable candidate and prove yourself as the best person for the given opportunity.
  • It is mandatory to fulfill all the given requirements and check if there is any page limit or word limit to write the letter. If there is any word limit then you have to mention everything within that limit.
  • You have to mention your future goals and what you are planning to do if you qualified for the scholarship.
  • Use an easy and formal tone to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • Tell the reader how passionate you are for your future and as well as for the following scholarship.
  • Mention enough contact information so that they can easily contact you back in case you are approved and this letter will increase the chances of your approval.