Gym Membership Cancellation Letter – Samples and Format

If you want to write a gym cancellation letter then you need to choose the right format before writing it. This letter falls under the category of the formal letter but if you have good fitness connections with the gym owner/manager itself then it all depends on the circumstances. The purpose of writing this letter is the refund of the amount that you have deposited already. So, the first thing you need to know while writing this letter is that you have to be careful with your words. Keep your words kind and polite because this is what it takes for a refund. So, below are some examples of fitness cancellation letter that will help you in writing a letter of your kind.

Gym Cancellation Letter:

On one side it is easy while it is difficult on the other side to cancel the membership of the gym. It all depends on the terms & policies of your gym and there are different terms & policies of every gym. Some of the most famous gyms like gold’s gym, planet fitness, retro fitness, and others like these have their own different policies & terms. First of all, get complete information about the policies of your gym because this is very important information that you have to mention in your letter. Let’s move on to the sample letter to cancel gym membership. These letter examples below will help you in writing a professional and formal letter of your own.

gym cancellation letter

As every gym and every person has different requirements and it is not possible that a few examples can fit into everyone’s situation. If these samples above are relevant then you can use them and download them in DOC & PDF; if you have different circumstances and not found what you were looking for then we are here with a gym cancellation letter format that is the same for everyone and every gym. The body part is different for all but the format of designing a format letter is the same and this letter lies under the category of the formal letter. So, let’s have a look over the format of the gym cancellation letter.

Formatting this letter is not difficult as long as you are following the right procedures and working on the behalf of policies of your gym. You have to mention all the necessary information on your letter such what is the reason for canceling, having any inconvenience if yes then what and give them advice that how they can do better. So, justify your side honestly. Below is the format of the letter which will help you in the cancellation of your gym membership.

  • Your name, your address, contact information, date, name of the gym manager/owner/person whom you writing the letter, their contact information and address at the top. Add a salutation and subject just right after this. For example:



XYZ Street, USA



Date: 10/01/2020



Gym Manager,

XYZ Gym, California

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Subject: Requesting a cancellation of my gym membership

  • Now, describe the reason for cancellation and all the important details in the body part as you can see in the sample above
  • Thank the reader for the time they gave to read your letter.
  • Closing Salutation, your name, signature, and membership number(if any) at the last of the letter. You can also mention your designation if you want. For instance:

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,


Alberto (Name)

Media Influencer (Designation)