Samples and Format of Termination Letter for Misconduct

The termination letter is used to terminate an employee immediately if there is any severe misconduct such as insubordination, a breach in the privacy of the organization by the employee, or it could be anything that is against the rules of the company and is not tolerate by the company itself. The format of the letter for misconduct is very easy to prepare, and if you are looking for the same, then you might say that this is the right place for you. Here we have some samples that will help you in the preparation of your own letter.

Sample Termination Letter for Misconduct:

Termination of an employee is a big decision, and you have to care about it systematically. At the time of writing a letter for dismissal for misconduct, you have to keep the procedure and formalities in mind that the organization is responsible for. These examples below will help you with this.

sample termination letter for misconduct

gross misconduct dismissal letter

dismissal letter for misconduct

gross misconduct termination letter

The termination letter carries the message that was discussed previously in the termination meeting and the reason for termination is also mentioned in the same letter. There must a valid and strong cause for the dismissal of the employee, and it should lie under the rules and regulations of the organization itself. Sometimes these letters are written without any reason, and it depends on the company or the employer. Keeping all these things in mind, let’s move towards the format for the following letter.


Steve Diesel,


1234, XYZ Street, New York,

(000) 000-0000

Date: 10-10-2022


Jamie Lannister,

0000 ABC Road,

New York 00000

Dear Jamie,

This is a letter for the confirmation of your employment is terminated with the ABC PVT. LTD. from today (10-10-2022) onwards. As we already had a conversation regarding the obligations raised against you by the senior hiring manager regarding insubordination by you. As observed in the past two months, our management team is having a lot of issues with you and your work. Other than this, you were asked to complete an urgent work on 20-09-2022, but you disobeyed the senior staff of our company. You are taking too many breaks, and we can allow upto two holidays per month (other than the weekends and urgent holidays), but as we can see the attendance of the last month, you were absent for 12 working days.

Whenever you were questioned by the employers, you involved a few other employees to cover up your situation in which you were found guilty after a week, and you apologized for that. Still, our kind employers somehow managed to forgive you. This doesn’t stop here, you were found the most undisciplined employee and now the things are out of control when you misbehaved with the hiring manager and disobeyed them.

You can collect your final paycheck after submitting the daily entry card and identity card to the reception. This was all from us, and you can contact me back for further queries. We are always here and feel happy to help others.

With regards,

Steve Diesel

Branch Manager, ABC PVT. LTD.