Best Storyboard Template, Format and Samples

The storyboards are the best and most convenient ways to digitally present a story, including videos and images in front of anyone you want. Storyboards create a decent impression on the person to whom you are showing your presentation. It’s easy to create a storyboard, but you have to prepare it systematically. As there are several reasons for building a storyboard, and there are many different types of it, as you can see in the samples below.

Editable and Blank Storyboard Templates:

Choosing the most relevant storyboard accordingly is very necessary because it will help you in many different ways such as you can customize and assemble your PPT (Powerpoint presentation), you can combine your illustrator/photoshop sheets in a sequence, you can create online eLearning film/movies, you can present the animation and can include music in it, you can create a PSD frame, you can make a3/a4 sheets for your presentation, and plenty of other things with the help of storyboards. Below are some printable simple examples and professional templates that you can download and print out in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and PDF as well.

storyboard template pdf

video storyboard template

blank storyboard

storyboard template word

free storyboard template

The storyboard is a graphic layout that has many panels. These panels comprise different photos, videos, shots on different locations, and much more. This is one of the most professional ways to customize, assemble, and tell your story. There are many positive impacts of presenting projects with the help of storyboards such as if you are going to tell about your services to a client with the medium of storyboard, then the chances of convincing the client are higher. Other than this, you can use storyboards as a medium of communication to upgrade your standards to another level, and you can create a PPT describing all your services & products. You can increase your sales with the help of storyboards, and you can do many more things easily with the help of these. Below are a few writing tips that will help a lot in making an eye-catching storyboard.

  • First of all, you have to gather complete information about the project that you are working on so that you don’t miss any necessary information.
  • After this, pick up a relevant theme that can help you in fulfilling the purpose of creating the following storyboard.
  • After this, visualize and make a project, including all the events in a systematic order.
  • Mention all the most important things and events at the starting of the storyboard to increase engagement with the user or client.
  • Don’t confuse the viewers by adding unnecessary pieces of information, so, be straightforward.
  • You can add key points or a conclusion in every frame to make sure that you are clarifying everything which is mention in the storyboard.
  • If you are giving your best and using a professional theme, then it will help you in increasing positive reviews for your work.
  • Use interesting headings to make sure that the viewers are not getting bored.
  • Try to mention examples of your success and pervious work to gain the trust of the viewers.
  • At last, crosscheck your entire storyboard and make sure there is not any error left in it.