Free Family Tree Templates, Format, and Samples

Family is a very important thing in the life of any individual, and if someone is interested in the past of any family, then the family tree templates will help them in making things clear for them. Keeping names in mind and maintaining the list of all the family members from generation to generation is not easy, but tree templates will help you in keeping things remembered. The format of these templates is easy to design as you only have to download relevant templates and fill in the necessary information accordingly. So, below are some of them.

Editable Family Tree Template:

Looking for some blank and printable templates for a family tree, then you don’t have to worry at all. Here we are with some simple and professional models that will help you in crafting one of your own. These templates will not only help you in listing your family members, but these will also help you in teaching your kids about the past generation of their own family. Templates for kids are handy as these will sharpen their minds and what is better than growing kids mentally by teaching them the names of their own family. Below are some that you can download in DOC and PDF and can customize in your own way.

family tree chart

free family tree template

family tree template word

family tree template excel

blank family tree

There are many kinds of family tree templates such as 1 generation templates, 2 generation templates, 4 generation templates, 6 generation templates, 8 generation templates, 10generation templates, templates with photos of family members, and templates without pictures of family members. As each and every type has its own purpose, but at first, you have to make sure your own purpose of customizing the following template. For instance, if you are studying genealogy, then you have to use generation templates according to the purpose of your projects, and if you want to teach your kids, then templates with pictures on it are most relevant for you. So, you have to decide and pick up the best template according to the objective of your needs.

You can categorize these templates in the way you want such as if you’re going to make a family tree of females of the family of last two generations then you can use the 2 generation templates for this. If you want to create a list of male members of the family of the previous ten generations, then you can use 10 generation templates. These templates will make you work a lot easier and will also strengthen the relationship bond that you have between your family. You can also make a wallpaper of your family generation to show how much you love each other and these templates will help you with this. All these templates are absolutely free that you can download and use in the way you want. So, today we are here with some professional and eye-catching templates that you can grab for free.

If you are getting everything for free, then what are you waiting for? Grab these templates for free and use them as much as you want.