How to Write Experience Letter? Format and Samples of Experience Letter

A document that is issued by an organization to its employee at the time when the employee is asking for resignation is known as an experience letter. This letter is helpful and as well as important in many different ways. It is essential because this letter is proof of the work that you did at the previous organization. This letter will define all the experience and additional skills that you gained from any particular organization. Let’s discuss the uses and importance of this letter. Below are a few points that will guide you through the importance of an experience letter.

  • When an employee asks for this letter, then it is issued from the employer to its employees as a statement and proof of the time they spent working for them with all their hearts.
  • This letter can be issued by receptionist, manager, and by any person of the organization who is having the authority to issue such letters.
  • If you are looking for a new job such as a teacher, engineer, or it could be anything then at that time these letters will help you a lot in your selection.
  • If you are asking for the letter in the word, DOC, or PDF, then it will be very beneficial because you can easily send your experience letter via email.
  • This letter will help you in clarifying the position and responsibilities that you were dealing with earlier.
  • You can tell the employer of your capabilities and how much responsibility you can handle with the help of these letters.

Drafting this letter is not very difficult as it is like all other formal business letters. If you are an employee then you have to send a request letter asking for an experience certificate/letter. And if you are an employer, then you have to prepare and send an experience letter to the employees when they are leaving the job or whenever they ask for this. So, we have the format for both the situations to clear your doubts. So, below is the format for request letter by an employee for asking a certificate letter and experience letter issued by the organization itself. The format for both of these is the same, but the body part is different, as it always depends on the purpose of the letter.


Name of the recipient,

Mailing address and information for contacting the recipient,

Date of sending the letter,


Here you have to mention your name,

Then your contact information and your address for contacting you back and the address is required for mailing the letter that you asked,

After this, add a subject line and describe your purpose,

Dear Recipient (Add a salutation)

You have to mention all the things in detail in both the circumstance as name, address, designation and all mandatory details as you can see in the samples below.

Sign off the letter with greets, thank the recipient for the time they gave to read your letter.

Mention your name(signature)

Your designation

Below are a few templates that you can download and customize accordingly.

experience letter format

experience letter format in word

experience letter for accountant