Free Blank & Editable Doctors Note Templates and Format

A doctor’s note is a valuable document describing the absence of a person for a valid medical reason. This document is a confirmation from the doctor’s side that the following patient came to see the doctor or was sick on the mentioned date. These notes are for schools and organizations when any student or employee states their reason for the holiday. If you are a doctor, then you have to keep these printable fit/medical urgent care notes as everyone asks for these notes nowadays, and if you are looking for these, then you can pick up the best and most relevant template from below. You can download these templates in DOC and PDF as well.

Dr. Note Template:

Using fake doctors notes for work is not the right procedure, here we have genuine and some professional template that you can use for free. There are some basic credentials that you have to add in these notes, and there many benefits of picking up a professional template. Before moving towards them, let’s have a look over some layouts of fill in the blank doctor’s note.

dr note template

doctors excuse template

fake doctors note

These were some samples of notes that a doctor issue for the convenience of patients to prove that their absence was for a reasonable reason. Other than this, if any patient is suffering from a sudden and recent injury, then the doctor can make a note describing the period of time the patient needs for recovery. There are a few things that you need and that you don’t need to add in this note. So, let’s have a look over those things to know how a real doctor’s note looks like and to avoid fake notes.

  • A real note always includes the name of the doctor, address of the clinic or hospital, their contact information (it is needed in case of emergencies), and the most essential “Doctor’s stamp or the stamp of the hospital itself.”
  • The other most important element that is needed in this note is the date of creating the note and up to when it is valid for. There are several kinds of notes, for instance, a single day notes, and multiple days notes. So, it is mandatory to mention the time period for which the following note is valid.
  • The doctor’s note must include the name and other necessary details of the patient for verification of the same person.
  • After this, here comes the most important thing and which is the cause or reason for this note. In this, the doctors have to mention the disease or injury that the patient is suffering from.
  • Justify the reason for preparing this note, and there are plenty of reasons for it such as a medical note is required for climbing higher altitudes, it is needed for the qualification on many government jobs, many sports organizations ask for a fitness medical note to know your fitness level and abilities. So, it is used for many different purposes, and you have to pick up the best and relevant for you.