Best Eye-Catching Promotion Letter Samples and Format

The promotion announcement letter is used to inform the employee within the company of the confirmation of their promotion. This is a formal and professional letter as the senior authorized persons write it of the organization. There should be a proper format for writing a particular application/letter, and most of the time, these letters are sent through emails. Here we are with some examples of the letter for promotion.

Promotion Letter Template:

There are various purposes of writing a promotion letter such as product promotion letter, sales promotion letter. Still, they are mostly used by organizations to inform their employees about the promotion they got. They are used for the justification of the development. So, use them according to your requirements and draft one for yourself by picking up the suitable template from below.

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promotion letter template

Chief Marketing Manager Promotion:

Dear Steve Musk,

Congratulations Steve, it is the time for a celebration for you because you are selected and promoted as the chief marketing manager from today. As every employee of the organization is aware of the board meeting, which held two weeks ago, and we analyzed the performance of each employee for the last five months. We shortlisted some of them, but you were the best amongst them. So, this is a letter for confirmation of your promotion as the chief marketing manager.

We are doing some enhancements because of the position and responsibilities you are going to handle from now.

  • There is an increment of $5000 in your annual salary, and you will be paid according to this from the upcoming month.
  • You have to analyze and record the sales and marketing funnel of the organization.
  • You will be responsible for managing the marketing campaigns, and if you are having any trouble, then the senior marketing manager will always be there to help you.

Kindly meet Mr. Andrew (Senior Marketing Manager) at his office for further instructions. Once again, congratulations for the hard work you did and keep doing the same for more.


Robert Brown,

Director, Marketing Department


Accounts Manager Promotion:

Dear Kevin,

We are feeling so happy and pleased to inform you that you have been promoted as the accounts manager position. From now, the annual salary paid to you will be $50,000, and you will be provided with a personal assistant to help you in handling the significant responsibilities.

From now, you will be handling the entire accounts department of your branch, and every transaction will need your signatures on it. Payments slips and invoices will be worthless without your stamp on it, and you will act by taking permission from the main brach with the consultation of the branch manager. Mr Adam (Branch Manager) will always be there to help you with all your concerns. Mr Adam will guide you through all the further instructions and what is the next that you have to do. So, meet him at his cabin tomorrow.

Congratulations once again for the new position that you are going to manage. Keep working hard to get a lot more than this in your future.



Branch Director