Business Letter Format, Types, Samples, and Templates

The business letter is written by an organization to the other organization, shareholder, students applying for jobs/interns or any authorized/unauthorized person that is the matter of interest and purpose. As it is a very professional document and is one of the major ways of communication between two organizations or authorized persons. If you are writing the same for a company then it has to be formal from the introduction to the end. As a reference, you can check some standard samples below.

Business Letter Sample:

You have to be polite with your words and have to format the letter in the best way you can. This is because a bad representation might cause a loss of interest of the receiver towards your concern and most of the time it happens in the case of the proposal/recommendation. Be careful with what you write, you can check these business letter example below for more.

business letter sample

business letter template

Types of Business Letter:

Before starting to write the business letter it is very essential to gather complete information regarding the kinds of the letter. As there are different types of letters such as Appreciation letter, Complaint letter, Acknowledgement letter, Reference letter, Letter of inquiry, Termination letter, Apology letter, Letter of welcome, Letter of goodwill, Sales analysis letter, Follow-up appointment letter, Letter for collection of deposits,  Contract signing letter, Letter to employee, Letter to employer, and many more like these. It all depends on the purpose of writing the business letter that it will be formal or informal. In most of the cases, the business letter is written in a formal way because it is processed by many professionals of the same organization or maybe different organizations. Let’s move towards addressing a business letter and format of it.

How to Start a Business Letter:

How to write Business Letter? The writing format of the letter should be proper with a professional starting and your company’s letterhead(if any). You have to mention the name, address of your organization, and date along with the name of the organization/person whom you are writing the letter at the top. After this, you have to state the subject of writing the letter and a salutation just after the subject.



XYZ Street, USA

(000-000-0000) (your contact information)

April 15, 2020



Kevin Brown,

ABC Street, Ney York (Complete address of the receiver)

Subject: (Write the purpose of writing the letter)

Dear Mr. Kevin Brown (Name of the person/organization whom you writing the letter)


There are two ways of starting the letter, either you can write all the basic information by creating different blocks or you can write these on the top of the letter as the heading. You can mention your name, address, and contact information as business letter heading and start with the receiver’s details.

Business Letter Closings:

Heading, body, and closings, all these are parts of a letter and you have to prepare them in a well-structured design. Ending the letter in a respectful way is as important as the start. At first, thank the reader for the precious time they gave to read your letter. Sign off the letter with a warm closing, mention your name, and add enclosures (if any).

Thanks for your consideration

With Regards,

Richardson (Your name/signature)

(Your Designation)


You can write the following latter in your own language, for instance, English, French, Chinese, but the format is the same for all. Above are a few samples of business letters that you can check for more and can also download them in DOC and PDF.