Format and Samples of Appreciation Letter to Employee

Employees need appreciation for the hard work they do. An employer has to write up a letter appreciating the employee for outstanding performance of them. The excellent way of doing this is by writing an appreciation letter to them. A good letter, primarily when the senior employers write it, motivates the employees to work more and more for the yearly award or more appreciations like these. There isn’t a lot, but all you have to do is to write a letter with the help of a sample employee recognition letter for hard work below.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Employee for Hard Work:

At least some appreciation in return to the work is something that everyone deserves and asks for. Did you remember the day when you thanked the employees for making them feel happy? It is always a special feeling for them when employers appreciate them, and it also boosts their moral values. You can also make them aware of their capabilities by doing this. If you want to do this and looking for the best way, then sending an appreciation letter is one amongst them. So, send a thank you letter to staff for support with the help of these samples here.

appreciation letter to employee for outstanding performance

appreciation letter to employee for good performance

thank you letter to employees

sample appreciation letter to employee for hard work

These letters are not only written to the employees working with you but also to the ones who are leaving the organization or having a retirement. This letter will make them realize the attachments and memories they have with you and the company they were working with.

The format of appreciation letter and appreciation mail for good performance of the employee is similar to other business letters.  You can easily prepare the format by customizing the samples above, but here are a few things that you have to write in the letter.

  • The procedure of writing this letter is very simple: create a structure, give it a format, justify the reason for writing it, convey the morality or message that you want along with it, and at last deliver it whenever you want but it is recommended to send after any event, meeting, or special day. However, sending this letter on a regular day with double their excitement, so it depends on the behavior of the employee.
  • Appreciate the dedication and consistency of the employees and mention their hard work repeatedly to inspire them.
  • The length of the letter depends on the work ethics of the employee. Actually, the length of writing an appreciation letter to your own employee doesn’t matter as everyone likes to hear good things about them and especially from the bosses.
  • Most people don’t appreciate their employees, but you don’t have to make the same mistake. If you are making them comfortable and realize regarding the potential they have, then you can easily manage to increase the productivity of any of them.
  • Thank them for all the extra work they did, such as covering up other employee’s work, overtimes, completing urgent assignments, and everything they do.
  • Tell the employees that their future is secure with you and thank them at the end of the letter.